8 Ball Pool Mobile Game Review

This is the ultimate free pool game on mobile devices where you play against your friends for money prizes, powered by Skillz. Never wait for the next opponent in this addicting variant of 8 ball pool; beat the odds and win big. And yes… it’s true…the winner takes all, real, cold hard cash prize prizes. Guaranteed!

8 Ball Pool is a unique, addicting, and highly-competitive internet game that supports iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. It’s simple – tap an opponent’s ball and release it towards the goal (ball in a bottom part of the screen). The more balls you hit, the higher the score you’ll receive. Players can choose from a variety of balls – including a special “Master” ball that only gets 10% hits. Plus, winning requires a lot of strategies!

8 Ball Pool

You can also try the multi-player mode in this game as well as the campaign mode. There are several maps and modes to choose from. In the campaign mode, players get to choose from a roster of increasingly difficult opponents. Plus, players can purchase weapons and armor to boost their chances of winning.

Each round in the game comes complete with a background movie, audio track, special effects, and polls. Plus, there are leaderboards to see who performs best in terms of total scores and gold scores. Other exciting features include an authentic water tank, eight balls on a drop pin, a pool-shaped silhouette, four scoreboards with ” awarding” words respectively, a special coin collection mode, a fantasy mode in which you control a pool of fake money and use them to purchase weapons, armor or other upgrades for your character, a treasure hunt with a predefined list of items to collect, a leaderboard where you compete with other players for the highest score in the game and an archive where you can store up to nine user profiles that you have created on the android device. For more information, visit 8 Ball Pool Mobile’s official website at 8Ball Pool Mobile.

Players also have the option of playing against the computer or another player via a Java server. The game can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes where each player takes turns to be the “pool master” and managing and trying to keep the ball moving through the rest of the playing field. The player can use a variety of special abilities, such as levitation, portals, breaking, hiding and throwing objects, and so forth to try to thwart the efforts of their opponents. Plus, there is a special mode that replicates the real-life casino gaming experience in which the player must hit the ball into the hole on the top of the slot machine screen, earning a cash prize based on the amount of space the ball occupies.

As an added extra, iPhone users will also get to enjoy an additional two game modes – the ability to play the original game in split-screen mode and the facility to play two versions of the original game in split-screen mode. The first game is themed after the movie, The Emperor’s New Groove, while the second game is based on the popular TV series, Burn Notice. Each version features a different cast of characters who have to be carefully managed throughout each episode. In addition, users will also have access to a number of special additions and extras, such as unlockable backgrounds, themed achievements, alternate costume costumes for the various characters, as well as the ability to trade outfits with other players. For those players who like to play in multiple players, it is recommended that you play the iPhone version as you would if you were playing in the single player versions.

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