Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes List (Updated)

You can find all up-to-date Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes here. Moreover, we also will guide you step by step to redeem them to get some in-game rewards.

What is Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator?

Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator is an online tower defense game. It has many interesting features such as buildings and walls which help the player to defend the base against waves of enemies coming from all sides. The player earns money as he advances through the game. Eventually, the player earns enough gold and gems to advance to the next level and receive upgrades for all the weapons used. These are generally available after unlocking a certain number of challenges.

Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes

We are going to list all working and expired codes here.

Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes

Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes (Working)

  • 240KLikes– 5,000 Gold (NEW)
  • 230KLikes – 3,000 Gold
  • 220Klikes– 3,000 Gold
  • 210klikes– 3,000 Gold
  • 300mvisits – 10,000 Gold
  • 170kLikes– 2,500 Gold!
  • ANIME– 1,000 Gold!
  • Maja – 75 Gold!
  • BREN0RJ7– Bren0RJ7!
  • SnowRBX– SnowRBX!
  • MerryChristmas – the Christmas Spidey!
  • Russo – Russo!
  • Sub2PlanetMilo – Plantet_Milo!
  • Blueio – Blueio!
  • Veyar – Veyar!
  • Inemajohn – Inemajohn!
  • Betero – Betero!
  • Tofuu – Tofuu!
  • Gravy – the GravyCatMan Hero!

Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes (Expired)

These Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes are expired and no longer work.

  • 180KLikes– 2,500 Gold
  • 20Updates– 100 Gems
  • 200Klikes– 10,000 Gold
  • 600kGroupMembers– 150 Gems
  • 190KLikes– 2,500 Gold
  • 100Gems– 100 Gems!
  • 150KLikes– 2,500 Gold!
  • valentinesday–  2,000 Gold!
  • 50mVisits– 1,500 Gold!
  • Blackbeard!– 100 Gems
  • 160kLikes – 2,500 Gold!
  • 250mVisits–  7,500 Gold!
  • 5/30/2021– 150 Gems
  • 5/12– 50 Gems!
  • 110KLikes – 2,500 Gold!
  • 120klikes – 2,500 Gold!
  • 130KLikes – 2,500 Gold!
  • 140KLikes – 2,500 Gold!
  • 100Mvisits– 2,000 Gold!
  • 200Mvisits – 5,000 Gold!
  • 100KLikes – 5,000 Gold!
  • 90klikes – 2,500 Gold!
  • Patrick – 5,000 Gold!
  • 80klikes– 2,500 Gold!
  • 70KLikes– 2,500 Gold!
  • 60klikes– 2,500 Gold!
  • 50KLikes– 2,500 Gold!
  • 45klikes– 2,000 Gold!
  • 40KLikes– 2,000 Gold!
  • 30KLikes– 2,000 Gold!
  • 25klikes – 2,500 Gold!
  • Update4 – 150 Gold!
  • 20MVisits– 50 Gold!
  • 15KLikes– 500 Gold!
  • 10KLikes– 500 gold!
  • 5MVisits– 50 gold!
  • Superman – 50 gold!
  • 5000Likes– some gold! (only works on servers running on the newest version)
  • 1000Likes – 600 gold!
  • 500Likes – 150 gold!
  • Super– 100 gold!
  • MoneyPlease – 50 gold!
  • Release– 50 gold!

To get additional challenges, you need to know how to redeem these codes so you can get additional amounts of money and new gadgets as you progress through the game. There are actually a lot of helpful sites that can walk you through these instructions. This way you won’t have to spend time trying to find them on your own. You can play the game on its own and learn how to use the available power ups and gadgets to beat waves of enemy robots as you stay indoors and avoid possible attacks from above.

Tips to Improve the game

When I first started out I had only just begun collecting and trading gold in order to buy all the necessary things to build my own base and progress through the game. It took me a while to gather enough gold to buy all the things I wanted. I finally reached the point where I had to purchase an assortment of towers, buildings and other gadgets such as air vehicles to make progress on my mission.

With the help of Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes, I was able to purchase a new anti-robot tower that would allow me to strengthen my defenses. Without this addition I would have been at a disadvantage because it is the main key to winning the game. The tower became essential to my continued victory over enemies and I began collecting the gold needed to purchase everything I needed to defeat them.

As soon as I started to earn extra money, I decided to purchase a robotic air vehicle because these were the units I needed to defend the base more effectively. Since most of the regular enemies can fly, the best way for me to get to the enemy is using the ground vehicle. This is when I learned about Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes. Through these codes I was able to buy the fastest flying unit and increase its speed to reach the enemy faster.

How To Play Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator

In order to stop the enemy, you must deploy additional towers to counter their advance. Once each of the three towers has been deployed, an electronic sensor will go off and alert the towers to start working. Then you must either destroy all of the enemy robots or defend your own towers from being destroyed by them. After defending, the last tower will fire missiles which must be avoided at all costs or you will lose control of the battle. Once all of the enemy robots are destroyed or your towers are about to be destroyed, the game will end and you move on to score.

One of the nice features of the game is its use of artificial intelligence, making it more difficult for you to get hit by an enemy. If an enemy robot manages to get on your tower and get onto the main base, the game will end and you will have to restart the battle from the beginning. This makes the game slightly challenging, but it’s very fun once you know that you can’t be defeated so easily.

Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes is easy to find and use. There are even bonus features included with the game such as secret missions and extra towers. To gain the maximum points possible, make sure to try and crack every code. Try not to miss any of the daily challenges either, as these give players extra points.

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