Free Candy Crush Saga Mobile Game

How to get Unlimited Powerups in Candy Crush Saga Mobile Game. In Candy Crush Saga mobile game, each time you beat a level, you will get another ring that is available for you to add to your collection. But there are also many other ways to gain unlimited powerups in the game. The first one is to successfully beat all the levels of the game once. And the second way is by completing all the challenges in the game.

To start playing this amazing and fun-filled mobile game, all you need is your device with Android OS 2.2. You can download the free candy crush saga application from the Google play store. It is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy playing the candy crush saga mobile game without any hassles.

Candy Crush Saga

If you enjoy playing the arcade style video games, then you will certainly love playing this fantastic and addictive game show. The objective of the game is to consume as many candies as you can without crashing into the stage or losing your progress. You move through different stages with different themes. The main theme of the game shows different plots and actions revolving around a town called Candy Crush.

The interface of the free version of the app is very simple and user-friendly. The entire screen is filled with various categories, which allow the gamer to easily navigate to the section where they are interested. There are various types of icons present in different locations of the screen, and a user will definitely get fascinated by the attractive interface, which looks extremely lifelike. The real star of this mobile game is the attractive cartoon characters, created especially for the Candy Crush Saga mobile game show.

The first level of the free version of the Candy Crush Saga mobile game is relatively slow. It is followed by five pages of challenging levels. There are several items present in these five pages that allow the gamers to build up their stamina and score points. In the later levels of the game, the player can further use the same candy crush soup, earn stars and use power ups.

The second chapter of the game, called the Carnival, is the most challenging one. This is also the longest chapter in the whole of the free version of the Candy Crush Saga mobile game. The plot revolves around the five human characters who are trying to consume the world’s greatest candy – the ones who invented it. The items included in this are the banana, chocolate bar, popcorn, and coffee pod. The entire scenario involves using these items to cook, burn or eat the other foods present in the world including ice cream, cookies, pretzels, and pizza.

The third chapter of the free game entitled the Galactic Crunch features a split-screen view of two panels. The bottom panel shows the features of the candy crush while the top panel shows the history of the said candy crush. This is a nice touch that allows the players to move their fingers over the relevant feature in order to change its function. The second panel has a timer that counts down and a hint button as well. The fourth and fifth pages of the game board have a history of each character, a hint button, and a help button.

The fifth and final chapter of the free Candy Crush Saga mobile game has a split-screen view similar to the one found in the first four chapters of the game. However, this time around, the action takes place on an airplane where the players have to tap certain icons in order to perform actions like throwing their slices, grinding their pieces, or popping their bubbles. This means that they have to turn their phones’ screens around in order to view it properly on the plane. This particular feature helps the player become used to using their hands in a specific manner and also makes them familiar with the various controls present in the Android interface.

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